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Top 8 Mistakes Women Make During Oral Fondling

28 Apr 2023, 20:34 - Category: Porn

Foreplay is perhaps the most important part of a pleasurable sexual experience. However, most people don’t think like that. Most men and women would jump straight to intercourse without giving adequate time to foreplay. This is a big mistake and if you want to have a great sex life, you need to improve your oral skills.

Yes, oral sex is something that you need to incorporate into your sexual routine. Many people think that oral fondling is gross and it is something that only pornstars in the industry would do. However, to have the maximum pleasure from your sex life, you need to have oral fondling for a long time. It is how you can make your partner sexually aroused completely.

That is why you would see that the porn industry gives more importance to oral fondling before penetration begins in each scene. When you go to porn sites to watch naked women pics, a large number of them would be of oral fondling. So, you have to incorporate that in your bedroom play as soon as possible.

Now, you will see a lot of men saying that they are not happy with the way their partners are giving them oral pleasure. Look, women sometimes make mistakes while giving oral pleasure to men. You don’t want to do that with your partner. So, you need to know about them and in this article, let’s tell you 8 such mistakes you must avoid while giving oral pleasure to your man.


You are going too fast


Sometimes, you tend to go too fast on your partner to give him oral pleasure because you think that the faster you move the better it would feel. But, in most cases, it can be the opposite. So, listen to your partner, ask for his feedback and move at the pace he wants you to move.


You don’t use your tongue


It is important to use your tongue during oral fondling. It is one of the most important aspects of the play. As you will lick your man, it will give him more pleasure during oral fondling and take him closer to an orgasm. That is why using your tongue is very important.


You don’t enjoy oral fondling


If you watch the nude pictures of girls doing oral fondling, you will notice that they are enjoying the act and you can see their enjoyment from the reactions they are giving. It is quite common that you have to enjoy the act more than anything else first if you want your man to enjoy it as well.


You can’t make him cum


Look, every man would love to cum while you are orally fondling him. However, you are not doing things right and because of that, your actions are turning him off or putting him in a place where he cannot cum. This is a big mistake and you need to know how to make him cum with your mouth.


You don’t know what to do


Many women start oral fondling without knowing what she wants to achieve from the act. Now, if you want to know your goal, you need to ask your partner and he will tell you what she wants from you during oral fondling and that will be your goal.


You don’t use your hands


When you are giving your man oral pleasure, you need to use your mouth and tongue surely. Apart from that, you have to use your hands and move them correctly just the way you would see in naked pics of girls giving oral pleasure as in that very way you can make your man happy.


You let your teeth get in the way


If your teeth are making contact with your man’s manhood, you can rest assured that would be the most terrifying thing for him and he will feel the pain. So, you need to cover your teeth properly so that you are giving pleasure and not pain.


Final Thoughts


Finally, these are some very common mistakes that women make while giving oral fondling to their men. If you also do any of these mistakes, then next time avoid doing them and you can rest assured you will be giving your partner more pleasure than ever.


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