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3. Guide to Meeting Escorts at Hotels and Motels

07 Dec 2023, 13:53 - Category: Babes

We continue the series of guides on how to make your escort experience as safe and pleasurable as possible. After our basic guide on how to book an escort from EscortXGuide and the pros and cons of incalls vs outcalls, here’s a quick guide on how to properly carry outcalls to hotels and motels. This article is meant for clients who want to meet callgirls in hotels and motels. But escorts should read it too, as they can understand better what the needs and priorities of their clients are when booking an outcall. With no further ado, here’s what you should know. 



Ask Your Escort If She Recommends A Place


Most of the time, escorts have deals with owners and managers of hotels and motels where sex work can be practiced without any drama. Not only that these places already used with hot babes showing up in the hallway and visiting the rooms of single men, but some of them might even let you book a room for only a couple of hours, saving you money on the whole adventure. More than that, most places that have deals with escorts will also accept your bookings under fake names. And don’t worry about police raids. Police can’t ever enter a hotel room without probable cause. As far as they’re concerned, you’re in a room with a lady. They don’t know what’s happening behind closed doors and it’s not their business anyway. 


Choose A Place With Discrete Parking


If you’re trying to maintain a low profile when you’re meeting an escort, you need to be careful where you park. Most men get busted by wives and girlfriends just because they park in front of the hotel or motel where they enjoy the company of another woman. You should always go to a hotel with underground parking. Or at least for a parking lot that can’t be seen from the street. An even better idea is to go to your escort booking by taxi or Uber. 


Becoming A Regular Vs. Changing Places


If you want to be 100% discrete, we recommend changing the hotels and motels where you meet escorts. But if no one cares that you enjoy the company of call girls, becoming a regular in a hotel can come with benefits. And the main benefit is discounts. Most businesses will offer you good discounts if you book with them regularly. 


What To Do When The Escort Comes To Your Hotel Room


Once you’re in the room and the escort shows up at the door, you need to keep some things in mind. Don’t just jump on her. There’s a certain dance that you need to carry out before you can enjoy her sexually. Introduce yourself, do some small talk, and make sure to hand her the money before anything remotely sexual happens. And if you want an extra hot experience, make sure to add a little tip over the sum on which you agreed. Ladies tend to appreciate that. Once you’ve paid the fee, it’s time for the shower. Some escorts prefer to shower by themselves while others will shower with you. Once you’re both clean and everything has been paid, you’re ready for the fun. Enjoy yourself and stay safe!


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