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Something beauty, something weird!

11 Feb 2021, 11:22 - Category: Babes

We have two completely different galleries from the same network of sites: and belongs to the same group, but the style they do completely different. 

Adriana Fawn has the newest gallery called 'Pure Sparkle' what looks exactly the same, like the previous one. Adriana is just a super hot brunette posing in white dress with angelic face and you wish to be there. It's like a dream: a hottie and you in peaceful relaxing moments as she will captivate you with her gorgeous blue eyes as she invites you into her bedroom. Her smile is blissful as she masturbates on her knees, her sexy ass a tempting vision.

Dolly Diore is a hungarian hottie who was photographed by an other hungarian hottie Sandra Shine. You remember on her? Like a photographer? No? Well, things were changed: Sandra after finishing her career, like an actor started to know the other site of the job better and better and the result is truly interesting. Dolly, a black-haired babe with a nose piercing and a cute gothic style let's Sandra to show her abstract style.

Whichever you choose, you won't be upset. That two galleries are like black / white, good /evil, ying / yang. But they showing a complex picture about beautiness.

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